Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Agenda Feb 27-28, March 1-2

  • DS 100-A (M) = long exam (Chapter on Historical Structuralist Perspective from the Global Political Economy: Theory & Practice by Theodore Cohn) BABALA: mag-aral mabuti
  • DS 100-B (M) = -do- BABALA: mag-aral mabuti
  • NSTP (T) = career orientation (part 1)
  • DS 112-A (T) = graded recitation about tourism, tourism industry and tourism development (read & study well)
  • DS 112-B (T) = tourism cosplay (tasking TBA)
  • DS 100-A (Th) = speeches (6 minutes per speaker; Filipino; research, practice and deliver well)
    Belleza (human capital)
    Pondoyo (social capital)
    Rumbaoa (political capital)
    Del Rosario (symbolic capital)
    Yap (economic capital)
    Yu (cultural capital)
    Manalo (natural capital)
  • DS 100-B (Th) = political cosplay (tasking TBA)
  • NSTP (F) = ACLE on social movements in the Philippines (tasking TBA)
  • DS 112-A (F) = long exam (chapter on Economic Geography from Human Geography by Marsh and Alagona)
  • DS 112-B (F) = -do-