Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DS 112 AVP interview project (updated)

List of topics and interviewees
Pharmacy for the masses featuring Dr Isidro Sia, CM
Double burden of diseases in the Third World featuring Prof Buenalyn Ramos-Mortel, CPH
Health social sciences featuring Dr Reynado Imperial, CAS
Indigenizing health education featuring Dr Erlyn Sana, NTTC-HP
Women's health and technology featuring Dr Jinky Leilani del Prado-Lu, NIH
Climate change and community medicine featuring Dr Anthony Cordero, CM
Sociology of health featuring Prof Dindo Cafe, CAS
Ethnobotany and people's health featuring Prof Elena Ragrario, CAS
Physical therapy for the masses featuring Prof Ma Lucia Magallona, CAMP
Mosquito ecology and dengue prevention featuring Prof Anna Santiago, CAS
Health of health workers featuring Mr Jossel Ebesate, PGH
Biochemistry and people's health featuring Dr Marita Reyes, CM
Water justice and people's health featuring Dr Rommel Linatoc, CAS

Form a group with 3 responsible members.
Choose a topic according to your group's interest and competence.
Observe the no duplication policy.
Conduct an online research about the profile of your interviewee.*
Formulate 30 questions about your chosen topic.  Observe logical sequence.
Conduct library and/or online research about helpful tips in formulating interview questionnaire.
Conduct literature review in order to come up with relevant interview questions.*
Assign Ms Julio to draft and layout a letter for the interview request.*


*For submission next session