Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DS 112 tanghal tula (global health issues)

- Form a pair (color coordinated)
- Propose a topic.
- Use relevant and up-to-date research materials that will serve as factual bases of your composition.
- Write a poem composed of 5 stanzas, with the first three as issue situationer and analysis, and the remaining two as call to action.
- Write creatively and edit thoroughly.
- Prepare a corresponding PPT presentation of your original poem (one slide per stanza, black background, white font color, Arial). You may add photos sparingly.
- Innovate in the manner of presentation (alternating, singing, etc.).  Both members should recite/perform. Arrive on time.
- Use an appropriate instrumental background music.
- Simulate the presentation to avoid unnecessary hassle during the actual tanghal-tula.
- Save your PPT and music files in a USB and assign two students to bring laptops (Charles and Ijy?).
- Assign Ms Umengan, Ms Buan and Ms Novilla to reserve the LCD.
- Print 2 copies of the poem (MS Word).
- Assign Mr Carlo Tan to coordinate the logical sequence of the presentation.
- Expect guest jurors to help us assess your presentation.