Friday, March 27, 2015


I will not hold classes on Tuesday and Wednesday next week to accommodate the request of students who will be spending the Holy Week in their respective provinces.

As a trade-off, I am assigning you to accomplish the following tasks:
DS 100 - Read Einstein's Why Socialism? and Rhode's Interpretive Theory
DS 112 - Submit a three-page multi-level, single-spaced sentence outline about your assigned AVP interview topic. For this individual output, you may use materials authored by your chosen interviewee or other available related literature. No duplication of materials within the group. Due date is on Tuesday (April 7) via e-mail (
Econ 116 - Submit a health situationer of any Asian country (no duplication, accordion format, minimum of 8 references, write it in Filipino, due date: resumption of classes)
DS 199.1 - Submit new set of write ups on Tuesday, and consolidate, sequence and polish your corrected outputs
NSTP - personal inforgraphics about your stay in UP, mining inforgraphics, journal entries, project deliverables based on the previous tasking