Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tatak Devstud speech compilation

All 10 groups, please print three copies of your respective Tatak Devstud speeches on nationalization and national industrialization, and provide an individual copy for Ms Guerrero (sophie), Ms Mojica (junior) and Mr Deanon (senior) this Monday (TNR, font size 12, 1.5 spacing). Once they have returned the edited manuscripts, please assess and implement the necessary corrections as soon as possible. Print the pre-final version and submit a copy to me for final editing and evaluation.  We will compile your speeches and incorporate appropriate graphics/illustrations with the help of our resident artists (Guban, Allerite, Asuncion, Repollo, Bata, Mariano, Krizia Dela Cruz, and Ponsaran #harhar, among others).  Please do not forget to provide an appropriate title for each article.  This speech compilation will eventually form part of our student-generated learning materials for the course.
Topic list
- oil
- electricity
- water
- mining
- food production
- health
- education
- transportation
- housing
- banking

Editors: Pat Guererro, Nicole Mojica and Miguel Deanon
Introduction: Mark Lim
Layout artist: Charles Mariano
Coordinator: Mikey Fabella