Friday, October 24, 2014

Oct 28 agenda (updated)

Econ 115 - listen online to the song Titser by Inang Laya, read the history of the teacher's movement article, submit an editorial cartoon based on Prof Simbulan's "The Condition of UP Faculty Today"

DS 121 - study the women and society hand-outs and visit the Philippine Commission on Women website, submit an original counterpart poem based on the poem Gahasa by Joi Barrios (optional)

DS 126 (individual output) - write an open letter to President Aquino about any of the following issues but observe the three students per topic policy to ensure a wider coverage of issue analysis
Energy issue
Port congestion
Declogging of court dockets
ASEAN integration
Investment priority plan
Budget reform
Political party reform
Performance-based bonus
Local govertment reform
Development diplomacy
Cultural heritage management
2015 national budget
Research extensively about your chosen topic and the rudiments of open letter writing.

DS 199.1 - thesis review submission