Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dear blog

- Attended a SAIS training #technostressgrrrrrrrrrrrr
- Loaded with papers to check and evaluate #ginustomoiyanjonjon
- Relieved with the new set of administration #3taongwalangdiyosnomore
- Done with the faculty loading for next semester #juicecolorde
- Credited two students with plus 10 in their class outputs #academicelitelegit
- Resolved that the no assignment policy is not possible #bigoakobigo!
- Prepared to give my all to our thesis team #pananaliksikparasabayan
- Honored by the high accreditation status of DevSoc #11:11 bestorgnextyear
- Overwhelmed by the ARTernatibo and Praxis success #harthart
- Dismayed by the continuing bureaucratic and political corruption in the public sector #shet
- Excited for my next cosplay character in ARTernatibo 2015 #humandakayonglahat