Sunday, October 05, 2014


Bianca Luna - revised national anthem AVP
Econ 115 - praxis practicon exhibit materials
Econ 115 - memorized and rehearsed protest songs 
Jen Serrano - reproduction of consolidated lyrics
All emcees - revised and rehearsed scripts
Chair Perry Festin - DevSoc booth proposal
Jhaypee Naco - ProgresiBooks poster print out
Patty Basco and Jhaypee Naco - ribbon and scissors 
Ren Ramirez and Mona Carpon - venue reservation and coordination
Diane Lopez and Jen Serrano - memorized and rehearsed protest songs
Team Mungcal, Team Julio, and Team Marcelo - Tatak DevStud group photo with statement
All point persons - ensure the success of your assigned events #maychecklistpotayo
Bea Karamihan - revised and completed Tatak DevStud powerpoint
Carlo Tan - coordinate and consolidate the DS photographers
Bea Karamihan and Jude Saqueton - Tatak DevStud paraphernalia
Camille Dumalaog - letter to the ADPD to allow the entry of our DS Week guests (all speakers, all judges, all MOs, etc.)
Paupau Guiyab - invitations and programs, revised certificates
Jhaypee Naco - alumni solicitation
Student reactors - research well
Tatak DevStud teams - submit your globalization speeches this Tuesday for validation and approval
Magneto - token of appreciation
DS 121 - email your revised poster and diorama concept proposal for approval
DS 121 - bookmarks due this Tuesday
Camille Dumalaog and friends - batch AVP
AJ Jose - palaro proposal
AJ Jose - ARTernatibo judging criteria matrix
Daniel Asprec and friends - dance intermissions
Monmon Carpon - People's Culture speaker, People's Culture venue coordination
Bianca Aljibe - revised Praxis, bioethanol and mining posters
Jessica Julio - revised EDCA and globalization debate posters
Charles Marcelo - People's Culture and revised Michel Chossudovsky posters

Please email your deliverables before 5pm today.