Monday, July 18, 2011

July 21-22

  • Econ 115 (Th) = creative presentation on the political economy of banking advertisements; 3-4 short quizzes
  • DS 123 (Th) = creative presentation on sociology of illnesses; submission of the sleep studies and sleep research advisory
  • DS 121 (Th) = group presentation on best practices in poverty reduction (upland poverty, lowland poverty, coastal poverty, income poverty, food poverty, HIV-AIDS and poverty, disability and poverty, etc.)
  • DS 126 (Th) = no session in order to prepare for an upcoming class exhibit on political psychology featuring Imelda Marcos, Miriam Santiago, Jejomar Binay and Rodrigo Duterte as cases
  • NSTP (F) = ACLE on the political economy of education
  • DS 127a (F) = panel discussion (simulation) on sustainable agriculture featuring the points of views of an ethnobotanist, an indigenous people, a DOST representative and a TNC biotechnologist
  • DS 127b (F) = panel discussion (simulation) on the political economy of nutrition featuring a mainstream food scientist, food activist, food anthropologist and Michael Pollan
  • Econ 151 (F) = long exam (coverage: assigned column articles pertinent to public finance issues and concerns)