Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Econ 115 - Always arrive on time, reserve the necessary equipment for the photo and caption screening, observe the "no free-rider" policy, start working on your praxis AVPs
DS 121 - I commend the high turn-out of optional concept map submission of your class; regularly read poverty-related news, feature, and journal articles
DS 126 - Submit a concept map featuring a column article authored by any political columnist of any Philippine broadsheet.
DS 199.1 - Read the undergraduate thesis of Ms My Buenaventura entitled "Makina at Pakikibaka".
NSTP - - Prepare for an individual oral presentation about a critique of a specific portion of P-Noy's recent SONA. Avoid duplication of subtopic as much as possible.  Research and rehearse well. Limit the speech to 3 minutes.