Friday, January 10, 2014

DS 112 speech for January 14 (Masikhay and Marubdob section)

Basco - travel and health
Bobadilla - rabies control
Calpatura - e.coli infections and poverty
Chan - financial crisis and global health
Cruz - poverty and obesity
Dalisay - medicalization of health
Durana  - emerging diseases
Francisco - cataract in the Third World

Acosta - politics of vaccination
Del Rosario - asthma and poverty
Dumalaog - epilepsy and poverty
Esquievel - radiation in Japan
Festin - bioethics of inclusion of women in medical researches/clinical trials
Franco - toxic plastics
Galgo - neglected tropical diseases
Guiang - biosafety

Note: Research well. You may narrow down your topic as an option.  Write in the Third World and/or Philippine context/s using critical theories as frame of analysis. You may deliver your speech in Filipino or English. Rehearse well. Wear black or white. Limit the speech to 6 minutes only.