Friday, August 09, 2013

Agenda #toxicityreloaded - updated

NSTP - read online articles about politics/political economy of food consumption, lecture-discussion about food politics, submit a haiku for each of the following topics - nutritionism, food pornography, hidden hunger, In Defense of Food and Food Rules
Econ 115 - 
read, lecture-discussion about consumer activism,
submit a brochure featuring 100 tips on how to be a critical consumer (4 members per group, research well, Filipino), series of tests about consumer welfare (arrive on time)
DS 121 - long test about "identifying who and where are the poor" and "profile of the poor", 
submit a brochure about poverty targeting (3 members per group, research well)
DS 126 - read online articles about dysfunctional organizational culture and be ready for a long test based on these materials, submit a brochure about the 48 laws of power (3 members per group)
Introductory Economics for MM - individual speech about consumer behavior: concepts, applications and issues