Saturday, August 24, 2013


NSTP - socio-political/socio-economic skits (APECO, VFA, PDAF, Bastardized PL System, etc.), submission of outputs (see previous post)

Econ 115 - labor and employment inforgraphics, CV submission, sociological cartoon about youth unemployment

DS 1991.1 (6 students) - consultation @ DSS, 10 am

DS 121 - feminization of poverty political cosplay and related deliverables (see previous post), output submission about poverty situationer and poverty exit from a micro standpoint, editorial cartoon about status consistency/status crystallization (choose a specific underresearched sector in the Philippine society), editorial cartoon about status dichotomy (rich vs poor)

DS 126 - test about difficult people in an organization, anatomy of public sector corruption speeches,  submission of the group matrix about the alternative cabinet secretaries for a progressive, just and humane society

Introductory Economics for MM - consumer behavior speeches (continuation), test about pricing strategies