Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tatak DevStud groupings - first update

Red - Ines, Encarnacion, Aquino
Black - Lopez, Villegas, Fabella
Green - Abes, Archeta, Manahan
Gray - Nuestro, Fortin, Mojica
Orange - Curiano, Gia dela Cruz, Ocbina
Blue - Silva-netto, Guerrero, Tison
Yellow - Bal, Rafael, Virtucio
White - Cortez, Medel, Murillo
Pink - De Roca, Santos, Besana
Brown - Reyes, Pascua, Dayrit

Quiz bee part 1: Development Studies, Economics and Current Events (all 10 teams)
Quiz bee part 2: New segment TBA (down to top 8 teams)
Speech part 1 (prepared): Nationalization/National Industrialization (down to top five teams)
Speech part 2 (extempo): Q&A with the faculty jurors based on the team's respective speeches (down to top three teams)
Note: DS seniors, start mobilizing your teams.

Overall coordinator: Kuya Miguel Deanon