Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DS 121 Visayan map bookmark/protest banderitas

- Feature the list of enabling and disabling conditions in Visayas development in your map bookmark/protest banderitas (see previous blog post).
- Use the outline/shape of the Visayan map as pattern.
- Follow this format: front page (randomly choose 8-10 enabling conditions), back page (randomly choose 8-10 disabling conditions). As a class, diversify your chosen list and avoid overusing the same content.  Devise a system among your classmates that will ensure this.  
- Vary the size of the letters depending on your perceived importance/extent of the condition in question (Your position/opinion may vary). Be sure also that the lettering/font size remains readable.
- Laminate both sides.
- Wrap the bookmark with a paper that bears your name.
- Refer to my e-mail for the sample format.

Note: This output will serve as banderitas, exhibit and advocacy material rolled into one for the upcoming Development Studies Week this October.  No awkward outputs please.