Tuesday, September 15, 2015

UPDATED - Undergraduate thesis topics of your esteemed professors

Prof D. Abaya - Politics of Business
Dr E. Villegas - Albert Camus: The Conscience of Our Time
Prof A. Adeva - Comparison of Communication Patterns in Two Humanities II Classes Conducted in English and in Filipino
Prof J. Ong - Socio-economic Way of Life of Paco Squatter Communities
Prof C. Pulumbarit - Historical Study of Barasoain Kalinangan Foundation, Inc.
Prof A. Martinez - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder of Children Caught in Armed Conflict
Prof R. Simbulan - Philippine-Japan Treaty of Amity, Friendship and Commerce and Its Impact on the Philippines
Prof A. Veluz - Street Theater
Prof M. Ang - Visual History of Session Road of Baguio City Through Time
Atty R. Dionisio - Critical Analysis on the Bills of Prostitution
Prof Ramon Guillermo - Literary Criticism and Eurocentrism
Prof O. Joson - Pagsusuri sa mga Awit ng Rebolusyon: 1890-1898
Prof J. Bien - T'boli Kulintang
Prof J. Del Mundo - Migration and Fertility Behavior
Prof R. Linatoc - The Failure of the Government in Providing Agricultural Extension Workers in Remote Areas of the Philippines
Prof C. Berja - Projecting Viability of Pre-Need Educational Plans
Dr T. De Guzman - Karao: Wika Ba o Dayalekto?
Prof C. Arguelles - Decline in Democratic Governance in UP
Prof R. Roque - Radio as a Medium for Advocacy: An Evaluation of the Radio Program Ngayon Na, Bayan!
Prof Sophia Lu - Muslim Women's Political Participation in the Middle East