Tuesday, September 01, 2015

DS 121 listening session (updated)

1. Choose one progressive song which we have not featured yet in any of our Development Studies activities.  The 'no duplication' policy applies.
2. Play the song with the aid of a loud speaker.  Please bring the other needed equipment.
3. Provide a hand-out that contains the lyrics (1/4 sheet bond paper, 40 pieces).
4. Assign a group member who will discuss the content analysis of the song (1 minute duration only).
5. Wear red, black or white.
6. Assign Ms Tison and Mr Murillo as emcees.  Inform them also about your chosen song title so that they will be able to formulate a logical sequence for the presentation.
7. Assign Ms Cuya and friends to take charge of the banner design (Aklas-awit at Lipunan).
8. Assign Ms Punzalan and Ms Feliciano as speakers for the opening and closing remarks, respectively.

Note: Failure to qualify in this preliminary screening will forfeit the chance of your group to work on the subsequent 'Alternative MTV' project.