Sunday, September 20, 2015

Issues and concerns in Mindanao (updated)

- Luzoncentric development, Manila imperialism, local core-periphery exploitative relations
- Chronic poverty and economic underdevelopment
- Highly uneven wealth distribution in Mindanao
- Development aggression (e.g. TNC mining) and state-sponsored terrorism (e.g. militarization)
- Ethnocide
- Internally displaced population (IDPs)
- Triple burden of diseases in Mindanao (infectious diseases, noncommunicale diseases and vulnerability to disaster)
- Structural and military violence against Lumads
- Contract growing of TNCs
- Landgrabbing and criminalization of peasant movement
- Environmental racism
- Political dynasty and warlordism
- Statistical genocide against Muslims and Lumads
- Tokenism in dealing with Muslims and Lumads
- Cultural misrepresentation of Muslims and Lumads by mainstream media and commercialized tourism
- Historical distortion that misrepresent the struggle of Muslims and Lumads
- Denigration, cooptation and commodification of indigenous culture
- Self-serving US interest in the rich natural resource base of Mindanao
- Adverse impact of neoliberal globalization/corporate-led globalization in Mindanao