Thursday, September 10, 2015

SS 120 2nd infographic presentation

Liamson - Mungcal
Hosillos - Bruel
Elevazo - Tolentino
Cortez - Lomibao
Silva-netto - Novilla
Banga - Nacpil
Curiano - Caranay
Fenol - Mendoza
Junio - Olives
Uy - Mariano
Bacea - Villarda
Bruel - Ventura
Mahusay - Deanon
Legazpi - Rosales
Columbrillo - Lopez
Bumatay - Krizia dela Cruz
Estrella - Julio
Nuestro - Cobol
Caballero - Buan
Diana - Tan
Rivera - Repollo
Yanga - Billones
Umali - Ponciano
Collado - Asuncion
Bal - Basco
Reyes - Gray
Abes - Mansal
Alao - Montoya
Lopez - Umengan
Ines - EJ Dela Cruz
De Roca - Santiago
Rodriguez - Dayandante
Acosta - Antonio

Wait until I return your corrected "10 things I learned from DS 190" inforgraphics.
Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to answer their queries thoroughly.
Encourage them to also experience community integration.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie  together for purposes of documentation.
Note that this is a major requirement.