Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friday agenda

NTSP - submission of deliverables (eco-stone, book donation, creative presentation, board game)

Econ 115 - final AVP evaluation, submission of deliverables pertinent to the DevStud Week, arrive on time please

DS 199.1 - lecture-discussion about operations research, evaluation research and policy research; thesis topic submission (venue: CAS library circulation section, 10-11:30 am)

DS 121 - read online articles about rural poverty in the Philippines, submit an editorial cartoon about rural management, submission of deliverables (eco-stone, book donation, call to action poster, Doc Ed poster, water democracy cue card revision)

DS 126 - In lieu of a regular session, OrCom and PolSci majors are encouraged to watch Singdakan at the LT while DS seniors are required to attend a general meeting with me about the Practicon and DevStud Week preparation at 1p.m. in our DS 126 room (RH 231)