Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Development Studies sophies, help po!

Please choose one call to action and develop it into a poster similar to what we did in the Kuha Mo Political Photo Booth last DSS Week. Mr. Deanon will be in charge of ensuring that there will be no unnecessary duplication of task. Salamat po.

No to frankenfoods!
Ang lupa ay buhay!
Ang tubig ay buhay!
Planet and People > Profit
Defend national patrimony!
Support seed activism!
Resist US oil imperialism!
Resist ethnocide!
VFA = rape of women, environment and sovereignty
Assert energy democracy!
Defend the indigenous people's right to biocultural resources!
I love talinum! : )
I love saluyot! : )
Preserve and promote indigenous science and technology!
Science and technology for the Filipino people!
Reduce, reuse and recycle e-scraps sustainably!
Hold the U.S. accountable for their climate debt!
Pagyamanin ang saribuhay!
Mga higanteng DAM - walang pakiramDAM (Dam by Gary Granada)
Resist terminator seeds!
Biology for the Filipino masses!
Biochemistry for the Filipino masses!
Computer Science for the Filipino masses!
Applied Physics for the Filipino masses!
No to greenwashing!
Expose corporate environmentalism!
Karapatan sa malinis na hangin at tubig, ipaglaban!
No to the recommissioning of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant!
Preserve and promote indigenous knowledge systems and practices!
Resist environmental racism!
Resist toxic colonialism!

Resist neocolonial waste trade!
Protect ecological integrity!
Resist monoculture!
Relive the struggle of Macliing Dulag!
Promote the use of appropriate technology!
Small is beautiful! - E.F. Schumacher
No to a throw-away society!