Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Development Studies Week 2013 (2nd update)

Development Studies Week 2013
Theme: Sustainable Development for the Filipino Masses
Duration: August 5 to 8 (Monday to Thursday)*

Tentative line-up of activities:
Praxis practicum exhibit and installation art (c/o Development Studies seniors)
Parangal kay Dr. Edberto M. Villegas bilang makabayang guro, unyonista at alagad ng sining
Lecture on the Search for Sustainable, Safe and Renewable Sources in the Philippines by Prof. Roland Simbulan
Roundtable discussion and/or film viewing about urban poverty (c/o Prof. Chester Arcilla)
DEVSTUD B U? - part 1 political economy of development, part 2  political economy of the environment (c/o Development Studies seniors)
ARTernatibong kultural na pagtatanghal (tema: kalupaan/katubigan/kagubatan)
Praxis Practicum Conference 2013 (c/o Development Studies seniors)

Infographic exhibit featuring Doc Ed's socio-economic advocacies (c/o Development Studies NSTP)
Water democracy human board game (c/o Development Studies juniors)
Food democracy human board game (c/o Development Studies NSTP)
EKOmunidad Photo Booth (c/o Development Studies sophies)
Endemic tree donation drive (c/o Prof. Allan Mesina's Development Studies 127 class)
Eco-stone art exhibit (c/o the artistic Development Studies majors) : )
Bookay-ukay (c/o Development Studies NSTP and sophies)
IBON Booksale (c/o DevSoc)
Iglap-dula (tampok si Diwang Palaboy #joke)
*August 9 is a Muslim holiday