Saturday, July 20, 2013


NSTP - Buhay at Bukid and Awit ng Pag-asa lyrics, props submission, ecostone approval/submission, book/magazine donation drive, presentation proposal (Pagan and company, Besana, Franco and company), food democracy board game proposal (Allerite and Virtusio), creative output submission (Feliciano, Aquino, Marin), and other related deliverables

Econ 115 - submission of deliverables (exhibit, AVP, draft of scripts, draft of speeches, draft of programs, etc.)

DS 121 - ecostone, Doc Ed poster and call to action poster submission/approval, visit Asian Peasant Coalition website

DS 126 - subaltern studies, semiproletatriat, social exclusion, 1987 Philippine Constitution Article XIII

Introductory Economics for MM - lecture-discussion about consumer behavior