Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Friday agenda

DS 100 - speech
BA Development Studies curriculum (ADMU) - Besana
BA Development Studies curriculum (DLSU-M) - Mojica
MA and PhD in Development Studies curriculum (DLSU-M) - Ocbina
PhD in Development Studies (UPLB) - Virtusio

DS 112 - speech
McDonalds (Julio) vs Jollibee (EJ dela Cruz) marketing strategy
Coca-cola (Billones) vs Pepsi (Mariano) marketing strategy
Western (Deanon) vs Eastern (Tan) management approach
NOTE: This is not a speech face off. The speaker is expected to highlight the main attributes/assumptions of the strategy/approach in question and likewise provide a critical analysis using concepts and theories in anthropology, sociology and management, among others.

Econ 116 - lecture-discussion about tourism, and Avenido-Arras show and tell

DS 199.2 - thesis deliverables and progress report