Tuesday, January 27, 2015

DS 112 human geography reviewer

Prepare a reviewer about your chosen subfield or concept in human geography (Note: I am referring to the one upon which you based your recent tanaga output).
Use reputable sources and adopt triangulation technique to verify the information.
Use a combination of book and online sources.
Focus on the relevant insights. Be sure that you comprehend what you input in the reviewer.
Observe sentence format.
Use TNR 10 points as font.
Observe single spacing to save on space.
Bolden or underline important terms, phrases, etc. for emphasis.
Observe this sample title format: Hegemomy (consolidated by Ponsanos)
Cite your sources (font size 6).
Print your reviewer in the front page of a 1/4 sheet long bond paper (print 2 copies).

Edit well.
Due next meeting