Friday, January 23, 2015

Development Studies 100 (updated)

Prepare a reviewer about the following concepts:
Development cooperation (Murillo)
Development community (Dayrit)
Hegemony (Marin)
Counter-hegemony (Punzalan)
Repressive state apparatus (Ferrancol)
Ideological state apparatus (Besana)
Development theory (Andrade)
Power elite (Allerite)
Sociological imagination (Mojica)
Political economy (Daez)
Radical political economy (Valdez)
Mode of production (Aquino)
Forces of production (Celestino)
Social relations of production (Ocbina)
Substructure (Guban)
Superstructure (Martinez)
Neoliberal globalization (Gante)
Monopoly capital (Pamoso)
Dialectics (Cuya)
Local oligarchy (Doropan)
5 undesirable forms of growth (Lim)
Liberation theology (Manahan)

Research well.
Use reputable sources and adopt triangulation technique to verify the information.
Use a combination of book and online sources.
Focus on the relevant insights. Be sure that you understand what you input in the reviewer.
Observe sentence format.
Use TNR 10 points as font.
Observe single spacing.
Bolden or underline important terms, phrases, etc.
Observe this sample title format sample: Hegemomy (consolidated by Marin)
Cite your sources (font size 6).
Print your reviewer in the front page of a 1/4 sheet long bond paper (print 2 copies).
Edit well.
Be ready to report it in class. Rehearse well.

Due date: This Tuesday