Friday, January 30, 2015

random points (updated)

NALUPA = national land use plan act
banyuhay = bagong anyo ng buhay = metamorphosis
pamangkin = para namang akin
TRACE  = trace, resistance, alternative, consequences, effects (Anderson, 2010)
WIP = work in progress
5 e's in governance = economy, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, ethics
R's in waste management = reuse, reduce, recycle, recover, refuse (e.g. refuse plastic bags)
S's in medical tourism = scalpel, sun, surf, sand, smile, etc.
LaPiDa = liberalization, privatization and deregulation
A's of news reporting = angle, action and anecdote
10 P's of marketing = product, place, promotion, price, people, philosophy, packaging, processes, positioning, politics
4 G's of elections = guns, goons, gold and "Garci"
K's among P-noy appointees = klasmeyt, kabarilan, kapitalista, kapwa appointee rin ni Cory
7 M's of political dynasty building = money, merger, machinery, mayhem/murder, myth, media/movie and marriage (