Friday, November 28, 2014

DS 126 live newscasting this Tuesday

Acampado, Ledesma, Talana, Salvador - Ph-Singapore relations
Acosta, Perez, Pinoy, Ramirez - Ph-Cambodia relations
Agdeppa, Alcantara, Catipon, De Venecia - Ph-Laos relations
Altura, Arras, Asprec, Avenido, EJ Dela Cruz - Ph-Vietnam relations
Bagalayos, Basco, Betito, Calpatura - Ph-Indonesia relations
Carpon, Dalisay, Festin, Francisco - Ph-Thailand relations
Franco, Guiyab, Hermogenes, Ignacio - Ph-Malaysia relations
Jose, Luna, Naco, Pajinag, Ramos - Ph-Brunei relations

Follow the assigned topic and observe the one subtopic per student policy.
Write an original news article.
Deliver the newscast in English.
Limit the newscast to one minute only per student.
Rehearse the presentation very well.
Accompany the newscast with a background music.
Wear formal or semi-formal attire.
Assign a main anchor who will coordinate the proper sequence.
Research online about the rudiments of newswriting and newscasting.