Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SS 120

- Develop a handwritten or computer-generated infographic about any sectoral-specific, problem-specific or policy-specific issue in the community where you conducted your summer practicum.
- Avoid duplication of focus/subtopic among team members.  Arrive at an agreement in the assignment of subtopic.  Avoid any form of violence, please. :)
- Plan the content and form of your infographic.
- Observe originality.
- Use an appropriate title.
- Incorporate facts, figures, and analysis.
- Ensure coherence of the abovecited elements.
- Adopt a critical perspective.
- Observe parallelism.
- Use all caps sparingly.
- Utilize appropriate font style, font size, font color, graphics, and layout.
- Ensure the coherence of the abovecited elements.

- Seek the advice of Charles, Jecca and Jomer on how to further improve your layout.
- Bear in mind that an infographic is an advocacy tool.