Thursday, August 27, 2015

DS 121 presentation

Liamson - Allerite
Hosillos - Andrade
Elevazo - Aquino
Cortez - Arada #mowdel
Silva-netto - Celestino
Banga - Cuya
Curiano - Daez
Fenol - Dayrit
Junio - Charmaine dela Cruz
Uy - Reena dela Cruz
Bacea - Doropan
Bruel - Fabella
Mahusay - Feliciano
Legazpi - Ferrancol
Columbrillo - Guban
Bumatay - Manahan
Estrella - Marin
Nuestro - Manio
Caballero - Martinez
Diana - Mojica
Rivera - Munoz
Yanga - Nalus
Umali - Olmo
Collado - Collado
Bal - Pamoso
Reyes - Ocbina
Abes - Tison
Alao - Murillo
Lopez - Besana
Ines - Virtucio
De Roca - Lim
Rodriguez - Villatura
Acosta - Pineda

Set an appointment with your assigned audience.
Introduce yourself and explain the objectives of your presentation.
Present your previous DS 100 labor matrix using your improved mini-flipcharts.
Ask them to formulate three questions based on your presentation and be able to  answer their queries thoroughly.
Encourage them to also experience community integration.
Write a reflection paper about this activity.
Attach your selfie together for purposes of documentation.
Be able to accomplish this presentation early next week.