Friday, September 28, 2012

Oct 2-3

  • NSTP - individual newscasting about local and global issues (technical person: Deanon); submit an original editorial cartoon about alternative/progressive journalism in the Philippines (please research well before you draft your editorial cartoon, individual output)
  • DS 127 - disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) quiz bee (c/o Dabalos, Masesar, Renticruz), long exam about DRRM (after the quiz bee, research online)
  • DS 126 - instructional video submission and screening (technical persons: Arboleda and Castillo)
  • DS 123 - individual reporting about selected articles of Dr. Michael Tan about wellness and illness
  • Econ 115 - instructional video submission and screening (technical person: Arceo)
  • DS 121 - 2nd half of the midterm exam (coverage: 90 critical articles of the assigned social critics)