Saturday, September 08, 2012

Sept 11-12

  • NSTP - speech face-off III (please keep up the good work), reaction paper on any article
  • DS 127 - speech face-off I, submission of the Ecological Marxism editorial cartoon and write up
  • DS 126 - long exam and lecture about the Philippine local government and administration (study well and arrive on time)
  • DS 123 - long exam about the health and human rights material (WHO, 2002)
  • Econ 115 - submission of the instructional video narration (triplicate) and long exam (Landingin's The Economy and BSP's Banknotes and Coins) - study well and arrive on time
  • DS 121 - continuation of the poster presentation (please enlarge the texts) and test about the assigned songs of protest


    NSTP - As early as Monday, start presenting your arguments and counter-arguments about the pressing social issues to the your assigned jurors.  Start planning about your group's compilation and analysis output which is due on Friday.

    DS Seniors, please complete your exhibit entries in the CAS library (Due date: Tuesday)

    DS Sophies (DS 99), start reading about the different development theories.   : )

    DS Juniors, please don't be absent on Tuesday for the DS 127 project tasking.

    Salamat sa inyong kooperasyon.