Saturday, September 01, 2012

Sept 4-5

  • NSTP - face-off (merits vs. demerits of Philippine labor policies, 5 minutes per speaker), listening sessions about protest songs (Mr. Deanon, please bring the needed equipment), education poster submission (print-out for groups with my final approval already, e-copy for pending approval), reaction paper on any short article posted at Third World Resurgence website (same format, no duplication)  
  • DS 127 - moving exam (indigenous and non-indigenous crops), crop insurance speech (Balingit), agroforestry cosplay (Alcaide group), agricultural education (Macalalag group)
  • DS 126 - submission and defense of the instructional video narration (1.5 spacing, triplicate) and other deliverables (single spacing, single print-out)
  • DS 123 - test about the Philippine health promotive programs and services; individual reporting on Dr. Michael Tan's health and wellness articles (Balingit, Joven, Somera)
  • Econ 115 - please refer to previous post
  • DS 121 - please refer to previous post