Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 25-26

  • NSTP - class face-off'; reaction paper submission (Wallace, Palatino) 
  • DS 127 - climate change initiative flipchart presentation (1st half of the midterm exam); submission of the group project deliverables*
  • DS 126 - exam on selected articles about Philippine labor cases and issues (Saladero materials); submit an original editorial cartoon about the Philippine labor situationer based on the articles posted at the websites of EILER and CTUHR
  • DS 123 - lecture about death and dying; continuation of the armchair exhibit about death and culture
  • Econ 115 - long exam (marketing and consumer behavior concepts compiled by the Econ 115 students, Consumer Power Beyond Consumerism by Prof. Raul Segovia, and the Atty. Alex Lacson material); continuation of the individual presentation about marketing and consumer behavior concepts 
  • DS 121 - film analysis, cosplay, board game and artifact about small scale mining and poverty, mental disability and poverty, water stress vulnerability and poverty, and municipal fisherfolks and poverty

    *DS 127 group projects

    -Sustainable living flipchart (Manalo, Kaye Reyes, Magwad)
    -Eco-book (Doctor)
    -Sustainable toys for the pediatric cancer ward (Abrenica, Pilarta)
    -Philippine environmental organizations matrix (Guzman, Garino)
    -Writ of kalikasan comics (Arboneda, Bunao, Lucas)
    -Food safety advocacy among food establishments along P. Faura (Alejo, Buenaventura, Del Rosario)-Indigenous crop propagation seminar (Alcaide, Raymundo, Macalalag)
    -Ecotourism AVP (Sese, Senson, Villarin)
    -Eco-tableau @ CAS (Obleno, Sigue, Velasco, Yap)
    -Abstract bibliography of CAS eco-books (Balingit, Diestro, Orlanda)
    -Disaster risk reduction and management quizbee (Dabalos, Masesar, Renti Cruz)
    -Human  board game about shelter security (R. Reyes, Babat, Soriano)
    -UP Manila ang CAS disaster risk reduction and management program assessment (Garvida, Gavino, Rumbaoa)