Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Personal vs structural causes of accidents

I chanced upon a signage in a construction site along the road in NCR which bears this message:
Accidents happen when you
- don't think
- don't see
- don't know
While it is also partly true, it totally fails to consider the structural causes of accidents in the construction sector such as insufficient company provision of safety gears and equipment as an unfair cost-cutting measure, emasculated body and mind of construction workers due to unreasonable company-imposed deadlines (usually to obtain incentives from equally unreasonable private clients), poor implementation of safety engineering practices, and weak internal and external regulatory mechanisms to ensure occupational health and well-being.  Such corporate mentality unjustly shifts the burden and accountability from the company and the government to the already overworked but underpaid workers. This is a classic case of blaming the victims.   Kayo kayang mga nasa pamunuan ang gumawa ng trabaho nila, try n'yo!