Monday, November 02, 2015

Development Studies 121

In connection with the DS 121 teambuilding and aside from the cosplay per group, discuss the following additional assigned topics in class:
Red - Allerite, Virtucio, Munoz (5 ways to spot a nuisance candidate)
Black - Andrade, Punzalan, Manio (5 functions of a political party)
White - Aquino, Villatuna, Majarreis (5 things you don't know about the LP)
Green - Arada, Valdez, Mojica (5 ways to spot a bogus party list)
Yellow - Besana, Pamoso, Reena Dela Cruz (5 important lessons from the 2010 elections)
Orange - Celestino, Olmo, Manahan (5 best practices in electoral reform from experiences abroad)
Brown - Cuya, Pineda, Marin (5 tips for first time voters)
Gray - Daez, Tison, Fabella (5 most pressing development agenda in the 2016 elections)
Pink - Nalus, Murillo, Lim (5 things you need to know about campaign financing)
Blue - Ocbina, Mendoza, Martinez (5 fearless forecasts for 2016 elections)
Maroon - Dayrit, Ferrancol, Feliciano (5 election myths)
Stripes or Safari :) - Doropan, Guban, Charmaine Dela Cruz (5 tips on media literacy during election season)

Limit your presentations:
Cosplay and skit (20-30 seconds)
Discussion about the chosen cosplay character (1-2 minutes)
Discussion about this additional task (2-3 minutes)
Official timer: Ms Fabella