Friday, November 06, 2015

DS 126 pananagutan and likas-kaya class (individual output)

- Choose one modern political artifact relevant in the Philippine context.
- Observe the 'no duplication' policy.
- Seek my approval of your topic first before working on this task. Inform me through text as soon as possible.
- Use a minimum of 3 references.
- Limit the text to one short/long bond paper only (front page only)
- Follow the sentence format.
- Observe the landscape format.
- Minimize the margin in order to fully maximize the available space.
- Use the name of the artifact as heading/title (all caps, bolden, centered, Arial, font size: 22).
- Provide a byline (e.g. consolidated by X, Arial Narrow, font size: 10)
- Provide five bullet entries relevant to the subject matter (Arial, single spacing WITHIN the bullet, 1.5 spacing BETWEEN bullets, font size: 18)
- Underline/bolden key words and phrases in your bullet entries.
- Cite your references (Arial Narrow, font size: 8, place the list in the footer of the page).
- Bring a scotch tape.
- Arrive on time.
- Note that latecomers will not be allowed to participate.

- Wear black or white for this session.
- Comply with the presentation format.

Note: Stern warning to absentee and irresponsible students!