Sunday, November 08, 2015

DS 126 political artifact exhibit (both sections)

- Position all chairs against the wall.
- Exclude the whiteboard area (Pananagutan class only)
- Place your artifact on your armrest.
- Post the write up on the wall area (eye level please) that corresponds to your arm chair.
- Allot a little space between the write up posters.
- Place all your things in one corner of the room.
- Prepare your notepad and ballpen for the notetaking.
- Be ready for a continuous LPS.
- Text or email me your write up this Monday.

For strict compliance.

Please refer to the previous post for the instruction details of the write up.  Again, please follow the given format.  This output is equivalent to a long exam.  

Exhibit coordinators, kindly ensure the compliance of your classmates.
Pananagutan class - Babat, Laguardia, Rodriguez, Mallari, Lacsamana, Cortez, Bartilad
Likas-kaya class - Villarda, Mungcal, Villela, Tolentino, Errol Medina. Esguerra, Tan, Hogan

Minus 5 for noncompliance.