Friday, April 25, 2014

Random points

- Borrowed books from the CAS library to make this summer break more productive and educative #foreverindebtedtomyCASlibraryfriends
- Committed to deliver a lecture about "social marketing in cooperatives" to a Luzon-based multipurpose cooperative #withprofruthshane
- Excited to meet the Caviteam practicumers #willprepareaspecialmeal #amaranth
- Determined to replant my frontyard with pechay, mustasa, kulantro, and cactus #jokeyungcactus
- Decided to integrate Faura Studies in some of my subjects next semester (informal sector, public agencies along Faura, pedestrian safety, commercial establishments, economic dualism, life stories, condo boom) #gottheideafromsirsimbulan
- Agitated by the ignorance of an alumni representative during the PICC graduation and induction ceremony #mukhangkagabilangipinanganak

#negativepeoplegotohell #makahiritlang