Thursday, November 20, 2008

Panawagan at paanyaya mula sa Katribu-National

Greetings of peace from the indigenous peoples and advocates!

We are KATRIBU, Kabataan para sa Tribung Pilipino, an organization of youth and student-advocates for indigenous peoples from different colleges and universities in Metro Manila. KATRIBU is dedicated to uphold indigenous people’s rights, and to support their struggle for land and self-determination.

The worse of society’s ills fall on the indigenous people’s sector, where education, medical attention, and social services are meager or even non-existent. The deteriorating condition of the national minority urges us to take action, knowing that the problems that beset them and ourselves bind us in solidarity.

This Christmas season, we provide a venue to reach out to the least of our brethren to share our blessings with the poor and the marginalized. We, together with other indigenous people advocate groups conduct an annual “Paskuhan sa Tribu” where we bring students, volunteers, and advocates to an indigenous community who are in need of assistance.

This year, Paskuhan sa Tribu will journey to Municipality of Abulog in Cagayan; benefiting Aggay indigenous community who are actively resisting the entry of a mining firm posed to enter their territories. Fueled by their determination to preserve the environment and their way of life, the indigenous community reaches out to advocates of the environment and human rights to journey with them in their struggle.

KATRIBU, being a non-stock and non-profit organization of students, could not pursue this project without your help. Thus, we humbly ask your assistance to bring our plans to fruition by donating cash or goods for our medical/relief drive and gift giving. We also invite you to join us to witness and take part of the struggles of our indigenous brethren.

“Paskuhan sa Tribu” will be conducted on December 19-22, 2008 in Abulog, Cagayan. For more information, please contact Lea at 413-8743 or 0915-867-9717.

We hope that you may be able to help us in this endeavor. Your help is a token of your solidarity with the indigenous peoples and their advocates.

Respectfully yours,

Alfie D. Haban,
KATRIBU National Secretariat