Monday, August 22, 2011


  • Econ 115 = lecture on cooperative development (continuation); group activity

  • DS 123 = submission and presentation of the health and society interview questionnaires; submission of the health advisory

  • DS 121 = submission and presentation of the informal sector interview project; submission of the poverty porject

  • DS 126 = lecture and LPS about the Philippine political situationer

  • NSTP = seminar-workshop about personal financial literacy for freshies organized by Ms. Somera and Ms. Bumanglag of DS 121, with the participation of selected NSTP students

  • DS 127a = Merits vs. Demerits (5 minutes, Filipino, minimum # of sources: 8)
    Acero (merits) vs Agan (demerits) = zoological garden
    Carlos vs. De Leon = vegetarianism
    Gile vs Guzman = deep ecology
    Joven vs Julao = animal testing
    submission of the water project

  • DS 127b = long exam about human geography; submission of the water project

  • Econ 151 = newscasting about best practices in blobal and local corruption prevention (Veloso, Tuscano, Quiogue, Perezes)