Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sept. 15-16

  • Econ 115 (Th) = panel discussion about ethical trade; quiz series
  • DS 123 (Th) = attend the RICE film viewing and forum at the PGH Science Hall (9 AM); health advisory submission
  • DS 121 (Th) = lecture on Philippine economic situationer; submission of the Philippine situationer primer
  • DS 126 (Th) = face-off on privatization
    privatization of Philippine prisons = Cielo (merits) vs. Daquis (demerits)
    privatization of Philippine tax collection = Dantis (m) vs. De Guzman (d)
    privatization of water services = Dumalaog (m) vs. Padilla (d)
    privatization of NFA = Aruiza (m) vs. Maza (d)
    (5-6 minutes, Filipino or English, research and deliver well)

  • NSTP (F) = ACLE on contemporary issues in Philippine education
  • DS 127a (F) = sustainable toy project proposal (written and oral)
  • DS 127b (F) = sustainable toy project proposal (written and oral)
  • Econ 151 (F) = Rimando and Galero reporting on Magtolis-Briones column articles