Monday, November 28, 2011

DS 112 B (human geography in the third world) group project - updated

  • global health quiz bee (Flores, Magtalas, Rojales, Castillo)
  • traditional tea drinking ceremony (Marababol, Jison, Bilang, Lindayen)
  • poster advocacy about consumer health (Cabales, Daquis, Cossid)
  • class forum about halal and health (Salvadora, Pojas, Cana, Dela Paz)
  • LT exhibit about social medicine in Cuba (Prudenciano, Baylon, Julao)
  • paper about the political economy of fake medicines in the Philippines (Corpuz, Malabanan, Santos, Vargas)
  • vagina monologue (Palomares, Gile, Reyes)
  • campaign against fast food addiction (Acero, Velicaria, Atienza, Gabawa)
  • magazine about sperm banking and reproductive tourism (Soriano, Sapalo, De Leon)
  • class forum about the political economy of PhilHealth featuring Health Alliance for Democracy (Estole, Factor, Pinlac, Pormento)
  • flipchart presentation about geography of medical tourism (Almirante)
  • flipchart presentation about prison health (Quiogue)
  • flipchart presentation about teachers health (Johanne del Rosario)
Submit the deliverables next session. Thank you for your usual cooperation.