Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DevStud activies for the DSS Week 2012

  • Lecture on "Sovereign debt crisis" by Dr. Ed Villegas
  • Forum on mining from the community perspective c/o Prof. Allan Mesina
  • Forum on public finance c/o Prof. Ruth Legaspi
  • Musical play on counterculture entitled "Paano Kita Iibigin: Tawag ng Puso, Sigaw ng Bayan" featuring the DS 122 class of Dr. Villegas
  • Exhibit on Cuban social medicine at PGH c/o Profs. Abaya of the PolSci Program and Ponsaran
  • Exhibit on body politics at LT walk c/o Ms. Palma, Mr. Elamparo and Ms. Tolentino of the DS 112 class
  • Exhibit on indigenous people's rights and struggle c/o NSTP and Katribu
  • Exhibit on haiku at dialektika featuring the original compositions of the NSTP class
  • Bookmark distribution featuring the haiku at dialektika exhibit entries
  • Human board game c/o selected students from the DS 152 class of Dr. Leothiny Clavel
  • Cosplay entitled "It's More Painful in the Philippines"
  • Bookay-bookay (booksale) c/o DS freshies, sophies and DevSoc