Sunday, July 22, 2012


Agent OrangeRJT Reyes (DS 127)

Appetite for food
Appetite for destruction
Appetite for war

Agent OrangeAIL Doctor III (DS 127)

Unleased years ago
An orange angel of death
Decay felt till now

Agent OrangeDFM Bunao (DS 127)

Herbicide for plants
Becomes a weapon of war
Kills people like weeds

Environmental RacismECD Abrenica (DS 127)

Racist policies
Where the indigenous lose
To eco-abuse

Environmental RacismRQ Soriano (DS 127)

In toxic waste sites
Are where we all live and die
Because of color

E-wasteJA Maguad (DS 127)

Discarded electronics
Planned obsolescence

E-wasteJPO Alcaide (DS 127)

Discarded device
Destructive when recycled
Traded to the poor

Pesticide PoisoningK Alejo (DS 127)

Prevents pest from crops
But slowly killing farmers
A true biocide