Thursday, July 12, 2012


Neem Tree
JPD Alcaide (DS 127)

“Village pharmacy”
Signifies identity
Now commodified

Neem Tree
DFM Bunao (DS 127)

Tree that represents
Livelihood, culture and health
India’s tree of life

AGV Diestro (DS 127)

Green engineering
Used for erosion control
Made of cocohusks

DGC Babat (DS 127)

Cost-effective means
Uses nature on nature
Pest numbers in check

RO Obleno (DS 127)

Eradicate pests
With natural enemies
It is best that way

Land Poisoning
DGC Babat (DS 127)

Massive chemicals
Extreme soil mismanagement
Land degradation

Rural Loansharks
MKA Orlanda (DS 127)

Heaven-sent it seems
A temporary lifeline
Quicksand in disguise

Water Stress Vulnerability
EA Del Rosario (DS 127)

Water constitutes
More than half of our bodies
That’s life fair warning

Green Transportation
CB Antonio (NSTP)

I went on cycling
For pastime and for nature
I did with delight!

Water Activism
AM Castillo (NSTP)

Dumi sugpuin
Buhay ay kalingain
Tubig sagipin

Terminator Seeds
NV Carillo Jr. (NSTP)

Farmers are threatened
By this new technology
Ban sterile seeds now!

NV Carillo Jr. (NSTP)

Buy it and regret
False advertisement is crime
Consumers, watch out!

JAA Julao (NSTP)

Kapag ang lason
Kinulayan mo ng green
Ay lason pa rin!

Corporate Environmentalism
TN Cordero (NSTP)

Products going green
Half-baked nature activists
Greenwashed consumers

Macliing Dulag
AMD Yanga (NSTP)

For my land and home
For my family and tribe
I rightly stand here!

Intra-household Poverty
MAY Pinlac (DS 121)

One household, one home
Unequal distribution
Women, children, maids

Intra-household Poverty
QDDL Malabanan (DS 121)

Mother works all day
Cleans the house and cooks dinner
But have less to eat

Intra-household Poverty
BJF Bagtas

Ang kahirapan
Sa loob ng tahanan
‘Di magkapantay

Climate Change-Poverty Link
MAY Pinlac (DS 121)

Klimang nagbago
Pero ang tadhana ko
Lalong naghirap

Ending Poverty?
SP Azarcon (DS 121)

Carefully planned aid
Of the developed countries
Will save the poorest?

End of Poverty
CMB Factor (DS 121)

Wealthy countries’ aid
Pardon debts, better trade terms
Messianic gaze

$1-a-day Threshold
CMB Factor and G. Estole

Asin at toyo
‘Sangdakot na mamiso

Poverty Trap
JMH Lanuza (DS 121)

Akala ko ba,
Kaunlaran ang dala
Bubong ko’y langit

Palit-Bigas Prostitution
DLB Lopez (NSTP)

More rural women
Make their bodies their money
To buy themselves food

Feminization of Poverty
JMJ Deanon (NSTP)

Pamilya’t bansa
Kailangan lisanin
Para mabuhay

Feminization of Migration

To “vote with their feet”
To benefit her loved ones
Whatever it costs

Glass Ceiling
SMO Santiago (NSTP)

Barriers that stop
Women from reaching the top
Of corporate class

JVP Villarda (NSTP)

A unique record
Where her roles are emphasized
With their heads held high

Peasant Women
NV Carillo Jr. (NSTP)

Dirt on her both hands
Represents dignified work
Poorest of the poor