Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aug 22 and 24 (TOXIC)

  • Econ 115 - submission of and discussion about bank flyers;
    1st long exam coverage:
    -Money and the Monetary System by Dr. Victor Venida
    -The Financial System by RM Laman and VP Laman
    -Wealth Within Your Reach Chapters 1-3 by Francisco Colayco
  • DS 121 -
    1st long exam (part 1) Coverage:
    -Types of poverty-oriented research
    -Social exclusion
    -The ethics of poverty research
    -Glossary of social research tools
    -Gender glossary
    -Parents and Activists
    1st long exam (part 2) - picture analysis using your researched concepts and theories about poverty
    Reporting (individual and by pair) - continuation
    -poverty among the ranks of the military and the police force
    -poverty among the LGBTs
    -poverty among perya workers
    -poverty among OFWs
    -poverty and the progressive movement
  • NSTP - listening session (progressive songs) & group presentation (sovereignty) - continuation,
    submission of the reaction papers about the online articles of Teo Marasigan and Rolando Tolentino
  • DS 127 - agri-cosplay (5 minutes each group, timer: Diestro and Abrenica)
    Opening remarks: Pilarta
    -Plight of the workers in the salt industry in the Philippines
    -Plight of women in the aquaculture industry in the Philippines
    -Plight of small-scale duck raisers in Laguna
    -Plight of the poisoned farmers in the banana industry in Mindanao
    -Plight of the sakadas in Negros
    -Plight of the vegetable farmers in Cordillera
    -Plight of the workers in slaughter houses in the Philippines
    -Consignacion in local fish terminals
    -BS Agriculture major in UPLB
  • DS 126 - submission of the policy lobbyists matrix (optional), continuation of the alternative policy prescription report, 3rd long exam (2 materials about the local policy innovations)
  • DS 123 - submission and reporting of the critical content analysis of local TV commercial advertisments of food and beverage (optional)