Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random points

- We had burong (fermented) ampalaya and burong mangga for the Holy Week.  We miss our Korean tutees/friends and their regular supply of kimchi and ramyun.
- Unmindful of the blistering heat, I still went on with the photo documentation of the daily affairs in Cartimar, Quiapo Church and its environs,  and the Piyestang Pilipino at the Rizal Park.  In this regard, I must continue reading about visual ethnography to improve this learning technique which I can also adopt as a teaching strategy.
- A consummate politician is indeed a tarpaulitician.
- I am voting for Katribu (# 32) as my party list. It has been consistent in fighting for 4 Ks - katutubo, kalikasan kabuhayan, at karapatan.