Thursday, May 23, 2013

Course highlights

Peasant Situationer
Indigenous People Situationer
Fisherfolk Situationer
Industrial Worker Situationer
Women Situationer

DS 121 (Philippine Underdevelopment)
Poverty research 
Poverty across regions and sectors
Poverty and unemployment
Income, food and water poverty
Poverty reduction and eradication programs

DS 126 (Politico-administrative Institutions and Behavior)
Administrative culture
Ethics in public administration
Human resource development in the public sector
Comparative local government
Political communication and media ethics

DS 123 (Filipino Identity and Culture)
Crime and society
Religion and society
Health and society
Media and society
Advertising and society

Econ 115 (Philippine Economic History)
Consumer movement
Labor movement
Filipino inventors' movement
Sustainable local trade movement
Sustainable international trade movement