Friday, September 27, 2013

Agenda for Tuesday

NSTP - graded recitation about Development Studies as a field of study and the Development Studies Program; submission of the labor situationer flipchart

Econ 115 - individual speeches about industry problems and issues (Philippine setting)
Egg industry (Alejo)
Salt industry (Babat)
Sugar industry (Balingit)
Bangus industry (Diestro)
Tilapia industry (Doctor)
Hog industry (Reyes)
Dairy industry (Sese)
Canned sardines (Villarin)
Water industry (Yap)

DS 121 - submission of panel discussion AVP about the best practices in poverty reduction in Asia; individual speeches
Personal debt (Abrenica)
Consumer debt (Aljibe)
Medical indebtedness (Asprec)
Poverty and indebtedness (Balingit)
Credit card debt (Yap)
Predatory lending (Doctor)
Credit risk (Velasco)
Sustainable personal debt (Orlanda)

DS 126 - long test about political communication and political marketing (read online materials)